Me To Us VS Youth With You (2020)

Recently, 2 Chinese Survival Shows named Me To Us(我们的乐队) and Youth With You (2020)(青春有你第二季) are about to release, therefore, I’m going to compare these 2 similar shows in 5 aspects for you to judge which show would win.

Key Information

Program NameMe To Us(我们的乐队) Youth With You (2020)
Type of the ShowSurvival Band ShowSurvival Girl Group Show
Premiere TimeMar. 14Mar. 12
Broadcasting PlatformMango TV, Jiangsu Satellite TVTencent Video
Broadcasting TimeEvery Sat. at 22:30( Jiangsu Satellite TV) and at 22:35(Mango TV)Every Thur. and Sat. at 8:00pm
MentorsNicholas Tse Ting-Fung(谢霆锋), Jam Hsiao(萧敬腾), Wang Junkai(王俊凯)Cai Xukun(蔡徐坤), LisaElla Chen(陈嘉桦), Jony J
Similar TV ShowSuper BandProduce 101
Weibo Official Site@Me To Us-Band Infinity Company (@我们的乐队-乐队无限公司) 95k Followers @IQYI Youth With You (@爱奇艺青春有你) 847k Followers

Round 1:  The Mentors

Me To Us VS Youth With You (2020)

Now that we have come to round 1: the competition of the regular members of each TV Programme. Firstly let’s have a look at what “Me to Us has” for mentors:

1. Me To Us Mentor: Nicholas Tse Ting-Fung(谢霆锋)

Me To Us Copartner

Tse is a multi-talented celebrity from Hong Kong, he initially entered the entertainment industry in 1996 as a singer and made his film debut in 1998. He’s also a successful martial artist, songwriter, entrepreneur, and chef. 


2. Me To Us Mentor: Jam Hsiao(萧敬腾)

Me To Us Copartner

Jam Hsiao is a Taiwanese singer and actor. He released his debut album in 2008. In 2015, he formed a four-man band called Lion as a singer-songwriter and keyboarder of the band, and they participated in Singer 2017 and got third.


  • Top 10 Songs of the Year and Best New Artist at HITO Radio Music Awards 2009
  • Songs of the Year, Male Singer and Asia Popular Idol at Metro Radio Mandarin Music Awards 2010
  • The Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer 2012;
  • Best Male Singer (HK, Macau, Taiwan regions) at 11th CCTV-MTV Awards 2012
  • Best Male Vocalist at 24th Golden Melody Awards 2013

3. Me To Us Mentor: Wang Junkai(王俊凯)

Me To Us Copartner

Wang Junkai, also known as Karry Wang, is a Chinese singer and actor. He was a trainee of TF Family since 2010 and debuted as the leader of TFBoys in 2013. He is one of China’s wealthiest people born after 1990.


  • Guinness World Record of Most forwarded Weibo post-2015
  • Top Ten Songs at Fresh Asia Chart Festival 2016 and 2017
  • Generation Breakthrough Award at L’Officiel Night 2018
  • Newcomer Award at 17th Golden Phoenix Awards 2019
  • Fashion Figure of the Year and Most Commercially Valuable Artist at 16th Esquire Man At His Best Awards 2019
  • Popular Artist of the Year at Weibo Awards Ceremony 2020

4. Youth With You Producer: Cai Xukun(蔡徐坤)

Youth With You (2020) Mentor

Cai Xukun, also known as Kun, is a Chinese singer, dancer, rapper, and songwriter. He is active as a solo artist and was the leader and center of a boy group, Nine Percent.

Because Youth With You (2020) is the 3rd season of the survival show Idol Producer which created Kun’s former group NINE PERCENT, Kun replaced Lay Zhang as the Youth Producer in this season.


  • Newcomer Of The Year at GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2018;
  • Annual Idol Youth Award at Cosmo Beauty Ceremony 2018;
  • Melody Award and RBT Singer of The Year at Migu Music Awards 2018;
  • Annual Male Artist Popularity Award and Peak Artist of the Year at Sogou IN 2018;
  • Popular Male Artist of The Year at Sohu Fashion Awards 2018;
  • Popular Newcomer Won at 2018 Weibo Variety Awards;
  • Annual Artist with the Most Commercial Value at 1st SIR Movie Culture and Entertainment Conference 2018;
  • Annual Headline Icon Of The Year and Today’s Headline Idol of the Year at Today’s Headlines Annual Ceremony 2018;
  • Baidu Encyclopedia Most Artist’s Fan Power Award Won [74]
  • New Power Character of the Year and Music Star of the Year at Tencent Entertainment White Paper 2018;
  • Outstanding Youth Leader and Goodwill Ambassador of China – Jamaica of People’s Republic of China 2019;
  • Most Popular Male Singer and Top Ten Golden Songs of The Year at Chinese Top 10 Music Awards 2019;
  • Most Influential Idol of the Year at Fresh Asia Music Awards 2019;
  • All-Rounded Star of the Year iQiyi All-Star Carnival 2019;
  • Marketable Artist of the Year Tencent Video All-Star Awards 2019;
  • Most Popular Musician of the Year at Weibo Awards Ceremony 2020…

5. Youth With You Mentor: Lisa

Youth With You Season 2 Mentor

Lisa is a Thai rapper and singer based in South Korea. She is well known as a member of the South Korean girl group Blackpink under YG Entertainment.


  • Person of the Year at The Standard in both 2018 and 2019

6. Youth With You Mentor: Ella Chen(陈嘉桦)

Youth With You Season 2 Mentor

Ella Chen is a Taiwanese singer, actress, and television host. She is a member of the Taiwanese girl group S.H.E.


  • Yakushi Pearl Award 2016

7. Youth With You Mentor: Jony J

Youth With You Season 2 Mentor

Jony J is a Chinese rapper, he attended The Rap of China Season 1 and got the 4th place.


  • The most popular rapper at China hip hop award ceremony 2017

Round 1: Conclusion

Copartners of Me To Us Nicholas Tse, Jam Hsiao, and Wang Jun Kai have all been China’s top stars for many years, as a result, they must have a strong social influence and marketing might.

Except for Ella Chen, the other three mentors of Youth With You (2020) Cai Xukun, Lisa, and Jony J are only notable in China in recent years, so their influence might not that much compare to Me To Us’ Copartners. But we have to wait and see.

Round 2:  The Band VS The Idol Girl Group

Me To Us the Band

Before the keyboard was developed, the most common band was the four-piece band which is composed of a lead guitarist and a rhythm guitarist (with one of them singing lead vocals), a bassist, and a drummer, another common formation is the trio: a vocalist, electric guitarist, bass guitarist, and a drummer. All these artists join as a group to provide all of the musical elements which are vocals, chords, bass lines, and drumming.

In the TV Show Me To Us, all contestants were divided into 7 groups according to their profession. Before the competition, some of them were selected as the ACE members because of their achievements, they might be the leader of a band, several members don’t think it a good idea because in their opinion all band members should be equal, but its the rule and ACE members can also be replaced.

Me To Us Vocalist

17 Vocalists in Me To Us with 3 ACE members

Me To Us VS Guitarlist

10 Guitarists in Me To Us with 3 ACE members

Me To Us VS Bass Guitarist

10 Bass Guitarists in Me To Us with no ACE members

Me To Us VS Dummers

9 Drummers in Me To Us with 2 ACE members

Me To Us VS Keyboards Players

9 Keyboards Players in Me To Us with 4 ACE members

Me To Us VS Special Instruments Players

10 Special Instruments Players in Me To Us with no ACE members

Me To Us VS All-rounded Producers

3 All-rounded Producers in Me To Us who are all ACE members

The Idol Girl Group

Me To Us VS Youth With You Season 2

A band member in Me To Us can be very professional in only one specific field, while to be an idol girl group member in Youth With You (2020), you will be judged in various ways and according to your comprehensive ability, you will be divided into A, B, C, D and F, five groups.


Are you good looking? Gorgeous? Beautiful? Cool? Cute? Whatever you look, you should have your own style and be attractive.


Popularity is not everything, but it does mean something. The below 9 girls have the most Weibo followers on Weibo.

Youth With You Season 2


If you don’t have talent, you cannot ignite the stage, for instance, this talent could be dancing, singing, rapping, and other special talents.

Me To Us VS Youth With You Season 2
Me To Us VS Youth With You Season 2
Youth With You Season 2 Trainees
Youth With You Season 2 Trainees
Youth With You Season 2 Trainees
Youth With You Season 2 Trainees
Youth With You Season 2 Trainees
Youth With You Season 2 Trainees

Round 3:  Publicity

Me To Us VS Youth With You Season 2

Good advance publicity could help audiences know more about the show and its also a fundamental factor to make it popular. For this reason, I made this infographic for you to have a better understanding of their work.

Round 4: ACE Members

9 Most Popular Trainees of Youth With You (2020)

Youth With You Season 2 9 most popular trainees

According to various statistics, the above photos of 9 girls are the most popular ones out of 109 trainees before the premiere of the Youth With You Season 2. Each of them has her own ability to catch people’s eyes, but popularity is not the only standard, let’s see who will shine your eyes and who will make the debut at the end.

15 ACE Members of Me To Us

Me To Us VS Youth ACE Members

There are 15 ACE members in Me To Us, they are 3 vocalists, 3 guitarists, 3 all-rounded producers, 4 keyboards players, and 2 drummers. Do you wonder why these 15 members are selected to be the ACE members? I want to know that too, let’s watch the show to find out. But what will be more attractive for me is when someone is plucked from obscurity and become glamorous.

Round 5: Stage Design

Youth With You (2020) Stage
Me To Us Stage

The style of these 2 stages are quite different, one is shinny while another is cool. Which one do you prefer?


I compared Me To Us and Youth With You Season 2 in 5 aspects, both of these 2 TV reality shows will be released very soon, which one will you watch? Above all, I hope you will find more pleasure in watching these 2 TV variety shows.

In the end, let’s have a vote: which show would you think to have a higher audience rating?

Me To Us VS Youth With You (2020), which one wins?
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