Due to the outbreak of coronavirus epidemic, nowadays all of the cinemas in China are closed by the government. Some movies are still worth being expected. Today I sort out the most anticipated 10 movies on mainland of China in 2020 for you who love Chinese movies.

English (英格力士)

Director: Joan Chen

Cast: Wang Zhi Wen/Yuan Quan/Huo Si Yan/Wang Chuan Jun

Reason for expectation:

The movie is about a special age in the last century, when an English teacher and a group of local youths, in that particular environment, interact with each other, show sympathy and change their lives. Chen Chong compiled and directed by herself; Wang Zhi Wen + Yuan Quan + Huo Si Yan + Wang Chuan Jun’s top-level strength team is in this movie. In Douban App’s story introduction, there is a saying: “Liu Ai, hiding in the corner, looks at the absurd world of the adults with the eyes of the reviewer, and describes the images of intellectuals in that particular era one by one in a naive and humorous tone.”

Tired of the World (诗眼倦天涯)

Director: Xu Hao Feng

Cast: Chen Kun/Zhou Xun/ Song Jia

Reason for expectation:

   The background of the film is set in the Yuan Dynasty. Wen San Chun, a swordsman, is chased. He is rescued by Ye Mo Tian and escapes to the court’s firearms factory, Wu Bei Temple. Wen San Chun is actually the prince’s deputy. He went to Wu Bei Temple to persuade the rebel leader An Da to surrender. Ye Mo Tian, who was adopted by An Da since childhood, fought against Wen San Chun’s betrayal and the imperial court’s chase. The cast lineup is also very luxurious: Chen Kun + Zhou Xun + Song Jia + Geng Le + Huang Jue.

Jian Ru Pan Shi (坚如磐石)

Director: Zhang Yi Mou

Cast: Zhou Dong Yu/Lei Jia Yin/Zhang Guo Li

Reason for expectation:

     This film is about the real subject of criminal investigation. It tells the story of a young police in the current environment. In Zhang Yi Mou’s own words, this is a “hard police bandit film, very urban, cool style, the picture is also very unique.”

Sunshine isn’t the Robber (阳光不是劫匪)

Director: Li Yu

Cast: Ma Li/Song Jia

Reason for expectation:

     This is the most anticipated movie this year; almost Top 1 in my own list.

First is about the cast. Li Yu, a female director who changed from a documentary director of Oriental time and space to create a dramatic film. There is always a strange deconstruction taste in her story, which is sometimes surprising, sometimes uncomfortable, and can also be roughly defined as “female perspective”.

Ma Li and Song Jia’s two mistresses are also impeccable.

Secondly, this film adapts the novel Sunshine Robber written by Japanese novelist Kotaro Isaka which I like very much. It tells the legendary adventure story of several young people who bravely break into the gangs to seize the tiger.

There is also a very contemporary taste of banter in Kotaro Isaka’s novels. I am very curious about what flavor his works will be adapted by Li Yu.

Da Hu Fa2 (大护法2)

Director: Bu Si Fan

Reason for expectation:

The sequel of Da Hu FA 2 not only continues the first set, but also makes many changes. The world outlook has been transferred from peanut town to the cities, and new roles will be added. Peanut man has also made “secondary evolution”. The story of “killer and color” in “Da Hu FA 1” will be continued in the second film. This film is not on file at present. I hope to see it in summer vacation.

Ping Yuan Shang de Mo Xi (平原上的摩西)

Director: Zhang Ji

Scriptwriter: Shuang Xue Tao

Reason for expectation:

Adapted from Shuang Xue Tao’s novel; when I read the novel before, I thought it was suitable to be made into a movie.

The novel tells us that because of the old story of a taxi driver’s murder, the young man in Yan Fen street became police responsible for investigating the old case of 12 years ago. The suspect gradually pointed to the father and daughter of the neighbor’s home when he was a child. The police was deeply involved in it. With the deepening of the investigation, he is likely to be a participant in the case.

The film is directed by Zhang Ji, supervised by Diao Yi Nan and directed by Shuang Xue Tao himself.

The Eleventh Chapter (第十一回)

Director: Chen Jian Bin

Cast: Chen Jian Bin/Zhou Xun/Da Peng/Dou Jing Tong/Chun Xia

Reason for expectation:

The film entered last year’s Beijing Film Festival and won the award for best screenwriter. It’s a black suspense comedy with obvious personal style.

A local drama troupe rehearsed a murder mystery case 30 years ago into a play, which made the life of Lao Ma become more and more turbulent. He asked for a lawyer while he found someone to reason with. In the process, he showed his life in a mess caused by the case.

The cast is very strong, but I’m more curious about what Chen Jian Bin’s second director’s work.

Fox Hunt (猎狐行动)

Director: Zhang Li Jia

Cast: Liang Chao Wei/Duan Yi Hong/Xia Hou Yun Shan

Reason for expectation:

The first “overseas pursuit” work led by the Ministry of public security.

A commercial crime movie.

It tells the story of the fox hunting special action team of the Economic Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security in cross-border pursuit of the financial suspects listed in the international “Hong Tong” list.

Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains (春江水暖)

Director: Gu Xiao Gang

Cast: Du Hong Jun/Qian You Fa

Reason for expectation:

The film tells of four brothers taking turns to look after the mother of dementia after a stroke in four seasons by the Bank of Fu Chun River in Hangzhou. The four families are facing the test of family affection and life, and unfold slowly like a picture with the changes of temperature and cold in four seasons.

Douban has a very high comment that “the movie made a landscape epic of a Chinese family”.

Hot Soup (热汤)

Director: Zhang Ming

Cast: Zhao Yan Guo Zhang/Li Si Qi/Zuo Yi

Reason for expectation:

Zhang Ming, the most psychedelic and poetic director in the mainland, is so ungrounded that he would rather lose most of the audience and stick to his own unique aesthetic.

It can be said that it is the treasure of contemporary Chinese films. The new film “Hot Soup” is Zhang Ming’s consistent theme. It uses some weird and psychedelic events to see through the complicated relationships of contemporary characters.


Although we can’t go to the cinema to watch movies for the time being, there will be many films worth looking forward to in 2020. Still wait for the day when you can go to the cinema with your lover.


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