Nowadays video apps are getting more and more popular especially among young people in China. Different video apps are distinctive. Now we recommend 3 famous and popular video apps in China for you: Tencent, iQiYi, Youku.

Industry Development Status

Nowadays more and more people tend to watch videos on phone rather than on TV around the world, including China.

According to 43rd reportChina Internet Development Statistics Report of CNNIC, the number of China’s online users hits 829 million by the end of 2018. The country’s internet availability rate was raised by 3.8 percentage points year on year to 59.6 percent, said this report. A total of 817 million Chinese used mobile phones to surf the internet, accounting for 98.6 percent of the total netizens, it reads. As an indispensable part, users who use mobile to watch video has reached 590 million, accounting for 72.2% of mobile Internet users.

At the level of market pattern, users, content and online traffic of video are concentrated on three giant platforms: Tencent, iQiYi and Youku, which shows Matthew effect is prominent. In terms of user scale, users of these three platforms account for nearly 90% of the total network video users; while in terms of content and network traffic, about 80% of the newly launched self-made programs in 2018 are exclusively broadcast on these three platforms, and the broadcast volume accounts for more than 80% of the total volume.

Compare of three video platform giants:


The proportion of male and female users of the three apps is almost 1:1. For Tencent and iQiYi, the proportion of female users is higher, while the proportion of male users is higher for Youku. The reason may be that Youku started from UGC and supports users to upload videos. Male users can find videos of their interest more easily.

The users of these three apps are mainly young people with more than half of the users under the age of 30. Among them, users of iQiYi and Youku are younger.



The color style of these three apps are unified with their logo. Tencent adopts orange and white tone, with white background, clean and fresh, high contrast, and all the content is clear at a glance. iQiYi uses dark gray background color with green theme, and the contrast effect of green is stronger in vision when highlighting the key points. Youku adopts dark gray background color with blue color, which gives people a sense of calm.



About the design of classification list icon, Tencent’s single color matching is relatively simple, but the effect is slightly inferior. iQiYi adds icon for each classification, while Youku uses color blocks in different colors, making the overall style livelier.

Video Play

Unfolding function

Click the expand icon in the upper right corner to view more functions in playing video. All three apps offer options such as cache / audio playback / timed off / full screen projection (Youku can choose to tile or stretch).

Special function


Line poster: users can choose the lines in the video to match their favorite pictures.


VR: after VR mode is turned on, put the mobile phone into VR glasses for use. At the same time, iQiYi publicizes VR glasses launched by itself in this function, and the situation of advertising insertion is reasonable.


Only watch TA: users can choose to watch the complete version, only watch the male and female protagonists.

Short Video

The short video function is set to kill fragment time for users. In general, users will only browse at will, and will not actively search. Therefore, the recommended content should be more personalized and conform to the user’s interests, so as to increase the clicks rate.

Tencent and iQiYi have three columns of Recommendation, Small video and Follow, while Youku’s classification page is clearer, with columns such as Follow/Recommendation / Drama / Music / Children / Variety show / Film, providing users with more optional content.

About VIP

Tencent:25 ¥/Month,Continuous package 19 ¥/Month.

iQiYi:25 ¥/Month,Continuous package 19 ¥/Month.

Youku:25 ¥/Month,Continuous package 218 ¥/Year.

Social Function

By comparing the popularity value of the list on these three apps, we can find that the user activity is basically iQiYi bubble > Tencent Doki > Youku star. In iQiYi bubble, the number of fans of popular stars has reached more than 10 million and its content richness and fan activity are also higher than the other two, which is also an important advantage of iQiYi to increase user interaction and user stickiness.


In the future, video app should have its own characteristics in terms of content and the user’s aesthetic ability is getting better and better. If they only pay attention to seizing IP to launch a large number of new plays without attaching importance to creating excellent video content, then sooner or later they will lose users. The future development direction is to continuously optimize the user experience, enhance the community atmosphere and improve the user adhesion on the basis of the content.


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