Brief Introduction

Name Welcome Back To Sound (朋友请听好)
Broadcast Time From Feb.19 2020. – ?
Every Wednesday at 12:00 pm.
Regular Members He Jiong(何炅), Xie Na(谢娜), Jackson Yee(易烊千玺)
Guests Vin Zhou(周震南),  Wang Qiang(王锵 ),
Fan Chengcheng(范丞丞), Dong Youlin(董又霖)
To be updated.
Online Broadcasting Platform Mango TV: Welcome Back to Sound
Youtube: Welcome Back to Sound EP1
Social Media Weibo Official Site: @Friends Please Listen (@朋友请听好) Followers:  1162k
Douban Official Site: Friends Please Listen (朋友请听好 )  Rating: 8.7  

Thanks to the creativity of directors, Welcome Back To Sound seems to be the best original TV Reality Show in 2020.

The keyword of this program is “warm”, with 3 of the most popular stars and hosts He Jiong, Xie Na and Jackson Yee, this show will attract a huge amount of audiences.

In this reality show, He Jiong, Xie Na, and Jackson Yee will share and listen to stories from all over the country through phone calls and letters. Every audience who calls in the hotline to participate in the live broadcast or sends a letter to throw out doubts in their hearts is the most ordinary people, and the three anchors give suggestions to the audience based on their life experience and life perception.  

Let me reveal more details to let you know 7 reasons why you will love this brand new show.

Are you watching Welcome Back to Sound because of the members?

Let’s have a look at who are the members of Welcome Back to Sound:

Regular Members:

He Jiong

Wikipedia official link: He Jiong (何炅)

Weibo official link: @He Jiong(@何炅) Weibo followers: 118 million

He Jiong is a television host, singer, actor, director and a former Arabic lecturer at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

He’s reliable and thoughtful style makes him one of the best hosts in China.

Xie Na

Wikipedia official link: Xie Na (谢娜)

Weibo official link: @Xie Na(@谢娜) Weibo followers: 125 million

Xie Na is a Chinese host, singer, and actress. She is famous for co-hosting the Hunan Satellite TV program Happy Camp with other fellow hosts.

Her 125 followers on Weibo making her one of the most widely followed celebrities in China.

Jackson Yee

Wikipedia official link: Jackson Yee (易烊千玺)

Weibo official link: @TFBOYS-Jackson Yee(@TFBOYS-易烊千玺) Weibo followers: 82 million

Jackson Yee is a Chinese singer, dancer, and actor. Jackson joined the Chinese boy band TFBoys in 2013. 

Although he is only 19, he has already been one of the most talented artists.

Are you watching Welcome Back to Sound because of the detailed environment and stories?

This show is recorded in a well-designed house, Hunan TV is thoughtful and made this house all member’s home. These warm surroundings have caught my eyes, do you also think it’s attractive?

Hunan TV designed cute cartoon logos for each member and we can see it at lots of places: at the doorbell, on the cover of notebooks, on the calendar and on the bottle surface. I think in this way every member will have a sense of belonging.

When the members are at work, they can see their names at the Broadcasting station.

In the house, you could enjoy sunlight in the morning or have a rest in the sunroom.

Or you can read a book or write a letter in the living room at any time.

The old-styled tape recorder is playing He Jiong’s first song Gardenia(栀子花开) which was released 16 years ago in 2004.

Let’s have a look at each member’s bedroom:

With two photo frames on the bedside cabinets, you would easily figure out this is Xie Na’s bedroom. One picture shows her adorable twin daughters and the other one shows his happy family.

One side of Jackson Yee’s wall was painted red because it’s his support color.

He Jiong’s Bedroom was designed in minimalist style which is very much his hallmark.

Are you watching Welcome Back to Sound because it’s a creative while old-styled Radio Reality TV Show

How long haven’t you wrote a letter to your dearest friends? How long haven’t you listened to a radio sharing your stories to strangers?

With the development of science and technology, everything becomes fast, there are so many options for you to choose such as emails, apps, etc., which is much much more convenient than writing a letter. There are also quite a lot of activities you can take and TV Shows you can watch, why to spend time listening to a stranger’s story?

Time is money, but is it possible to slow down a little bit? To enjoy the magic of time and to share time with your closest friends, family, and even strangers. Maybe you could find yourself from other people’s life.

Its a radio program, He Jiong and Xie Na become very professional when it comes to working.

They also read letters from different areas.

Each member writes down several sentences in the notebook. When an audience called the radio station, they would ask the audience to choose a number, then they would read the sentence corresponding to that number.

Welcome Back to Sound is not a Pet TV Show, but…

He Jiong named these two little cute catty “Diandian” and “Tai”, because “DianTai” means radio in Chinese. They really become highlights of this show.

In the above 2 pictures, Jackson Yee and He Jiong are playing with “DianDian” and “Tai”

He Jiong is kissing “DianDian” and Jackson Yee is watching at them.

Welcome Back to Sound

He Jiong, Xie Na and Wang Qiang are holding “DianDian”, while Vin and Jackson Yee are holding “Tai”.

Jackson Yee and He Jiong are using toys to play with “DianDian” and “Tai”.

I bet Jackson Yee’s 82 million fans would admire “DianDian” after they saw this gif picture.

Welcome Back to Sound is not a Gourmet TV Show, but…

He Jiong is cooking.

Jackson Yee and Xie Na are cooking.

Wang Qiang and Vin are Cooking

The kitchen is a magic place to gather everyone.

Let’s see what they eat?


Welcome Back to Sound is not a Beauty Contest TV Show, but…

Look at them,I think these beautiful faces will attract millions of audiences.

Welcome Back to Sound’s members are not from a family, but…

Members are sitting at the table sharing dinner, they talk and laugh at each other, just like family members.

He Jiong, Xie Na and Jackson Yee are having fun at the kitchen while cooking.

Welcom Back to Sound
Welcom Back to Sound
Welcom Back to Sound

What do family members do? They hug each other, laugh together, take a self-portrait, and even play childish games.


After reading this article, I know you cannot wait to watch Welcome Back To Sound, there are talented people, beautiful faces, delicious foods, cute cats, a warm environment and strangers’ stories waiting for you. Hope you enjoy your time. If you find any other highlight of this show, please don’t forget to leave a comment.