12 Amazing Chinese Documentaries about Traditional Culture

Due to China’s long and continuous history, Chinese traditional culture has a profound influence on human civilization. Let’s have a glance at this abundant culture by watching 12 series of Chinese documentaries. Chinese traditional culture is broad and profound. I tried my best to find documentaries to cover various aspects. Please read below to find […]

“Singer 2020” – 29 Hot Search Terms On Weibo
"Singer 2020" - 29 Hot Search Terms On Weibo

“Singer 2020” is one of the best TV Musical Shows in China that all talented singers want to take part in because of its beautiful stage, professional lighting, and sound system. GuanYue International has been taking responsibility for Singer’s lighting design for several seasons. We have first-class lighting designers and programmers from all over the […]

2020 coming up Chinese TV Show: “Me To Us” vs “Youth With You (2020)”
Me To Us VS Youth With You Season (2020))

Recently, 2 Chinese Survival Shows named Me To Us(我们的乐队) and Youth With You (2020)(青春有你第二季) are about to release, therefore, I’m going to compare these 2 similar shows in 5 aspects for you to judge which show would win. Key Information Program Name Me To Us(我们的乐队) Youth With You (2020) (青春有你第二季) Type of the Show Survival […]

7 Reasons To Love “Welcome Back to Sound” (New Chinese Variety Show 2020)
Welcome Back to Sound

Brief Introduction Name Welcome Back To Sound (朋友请听好) Broadcast Time From Feb.19 2020. – ?Every Wednesday at 12:00 pm. Regular Members He Jiong(何炅), Xie Na(谢娜), Jackson Yee(易烊千玺) Guests Vin Zhou(周震南),  Wang Qiang(王锵 ),Fan Chengcheng(范丞丞), Dong Youlin(董又霖)To be updated. Online Broadcasting Platform Mango TV: Welcome Back to Sound Youtube: Welcome Back to Sound EP1 Social Media Weibo Official Site: @Friends Please […]

19 Amazing Chinese Variety Shows 2020 I Can Not Wait To See(Updated)
chinese variety show 2020 banner

Many Chinese citizens tied down at home with the epidemic, while their requirement for entertaining programs is still on the rise. Let’s see what are the 4 categories of most expected Chinese Variety shows in 2020. 1. Famous Franchise: Chinese Variety Shows Season N(2020) With great content and creativity, there are many variety shows that have been […]

2019 年双十一晚会: 苏宁pk天猫(更新)
Guan Yue Article Banner: Suning vs Tmall

10 days before the 2019 Double Eleven Show, how do Suning and Tmall, two domestic e-commerce giants, greet this carnival shopping night? In fact, in today’s Internet era, the ability to attract audience is an undeniable basis for monetization. And these two companies know exactly how to grab attention. On November 10 Alibaba will unite […]