In this article, I am going to show you 5 highly secret tricks that I have learned in the last 2 years. I personally have not seen any of the tricks used in this particular way. You will definitely survive in China without VPN after this!

International SIM card

This trick is actually simple and very effective. Basically all foreign sim cards have automatic VPN that works in China.

You can choose an online provider like, or just check your domestic provider what their billing is for China.

Make sure roaming is activated in your plan. Also, do your research and confirm that the Sim card issued by a foreign provider and not in China itself!

This is because all foreign sim card providers will be using roaming to create a tunnel to connect to their home network. All your data are re-routed through that tunnel. In other words, this is basically just a VPN on a higher network level.

Here is the amazing part.

There is nothing the Chinese government can do about it. They can not simply change the international roaming protocol just for their advantage. Roaming is rooted in the implementation of our global mobile network.

Again, this is the most effective and most simple way that I highly recommend. All you have to do is to find a cheap and big provider in your country.

Vultr is one of the biggest VPS (Virtual Private Server) host with many different VPS locations. According to Amazon Alexa Ranking, is currently ranked at 3427 of the most visited websites in the world. They provide a server hosted outside China with 1 CPU and 1024MB memory for only 5 Dollars/month.

How to use it to bypass the Chinese Firewall?

You can simply connect to a VPS hosted by Vultr to browse the blocked service because the VPS itself is not in China! Ha!

Vultr even provides you with a browser-based SSH with a graphical interface so you can connect to your VPS server abroad without any other program.

Here is the best part.

You can start and delete your server at any time because Vultr uses an hourly-based billing system. Once you are outside China, delete your server and there will be no additional cost. You can recreate your instance at any time.

SSH Tunnel + Firefox proxy

Ok, I admit. Sometimes Vultr can be slow, especially if your internet access is bad (which happens very often in China). In that case, you can create an SSH tunnel to your VPS and use the proxy function of Firefox to browser foreign service.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a VPS server on any major host
  2. Install Putty
  3. Install Firefox
  4. Connect to your VPS in putty with a tunnel
  5. Use Firefox proxy setting to re-route all traffic through that tunnel

Here is a more detailed guide about this technique. Basically, you are creating a connection to a foreign server outside China and viewing the website in the servers’ eyes.

This solution is similar to the Vultr trick, but here is some reason I still like to use this trick:

  • It applies to all VPS from all providers (especially for VPS without a graphical interface).
  • It will even work in case is blocked in the future (because the Chinese government can not block all VPS IPs available).
  • You connect to your VPS directly without having Vultr in between as the middle man showing your VPS. Hence it is faster.
  • You can use any existing web server, game server or any other type of server available to break the Chinese Firewall without additional cost.

It is a nice-to-have trick when everything else doesn’t work at the moment.

Multcloud is a third-party service to synchronize all your cloud storage across different platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, Baidu cloud. It is currently ranked 22326 in the most visited websites by Amazon Alexa Ranking.

This is how it works.

You let Multcloud access your cloud drive by giving them the permission to read and write on your drive. After that, Multcloud will act as a connection point for all your drives. You can then command to transfer and synchronize all your drives from Multcloud.

Ok, but what’s so special about it?

Well, Multcloud is not blocked in China. After you have linked your Dropbox to Multcloud, you can download and upload all your files via Multcloud without visiting and without a VPN!

This is pretty good when you consider it as a free service up to 30 GB per month.

For big data up to 10 GB, you can let Multcloud transfer it to your FTP or Baidu Cloud (the most common cloud in China) where you have no problem accessing in China.

Here is a list of services that Multcloud supports.

Youtube Downloader overview is blocked, but there are tons of online youtube downloader that are not blocked. As of writing, here are some services that work in China:

My favorite one is because of this:

You can directly download the youtube video just by adding “pp” after “youtube” in the URL. For example, your link is:

You can directly download this video from:


This is a fallback plan when nothing from above works. You can use to quickly transfer and receive files in China. It has two advantages over other upload services:

  • It is free up to 2GB file
  • Not blocked in China, always receivable.
  • Neither sender nor receiver has to register. You can use it immediately.
  • It is fast in China.

Wetransfer is only meant to be used as a quick-and-dirty solution. It doesn’t store let you manage your files once they are uploaded.


VPN is definitely an essential tool for any business in China. All of the tricks I have mentioned have been proven to work in the past. I still strongly recommend you buy a subscription from ExpressVPN as it will save time and help you fight against the Chinese Internet Policy. Besides VPN, there are many other useful apps for China you should check out.

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