In December of 2019, Coronavirus overwhelmed China during the Spring Festival time. People’s normal life, many fields and industries in cities of China are profoundly influenced by this disaster. We take the city Changsha for example.

Influence on catering industry

Changsha is a Chinese city which is famous for its delicious food and drink (Changsha style milk tea). In the past Spring Festival time, it’s really noisy and bustling on Changsha’s streets. People around China will come to this city to enjoy the special delicious food and drink.

Nowadays under the Coronavirus’s influence, Changsha city became desolate and cold.

There are few people on the streets. People tend to stay home to prevent themselves from Coronavirus.

Influence on media industry

Media industry is an important industry in Changsha. Under the new coronavirus epidemic situation, shows that need to be recorded in Changsha have been adjusted accordingly, and most of them have changed to Cloud Recording or Remote Recording, such as “Day Day Up “, “Singer 2020“.

Influence on transportation

The government of China suggests citizens staying at home due to the severity of Coronavirus for the sake of their safety. Thus, few people choose to go out or meet friends during these months. Meanwhile, the frequency of subway and bus in Changsha has been also cut down for there are few people hanging out. Thus, it’s really empty on subways and buses these days.

Influence on education

Due to Coronavirus, the government decides to postpone school term to the end of fighting against Coronavirus. Thus, some schools figure out some new ways to give lessons for students, such as live teaching. Teachers try live way to have class for their students.


Though we are confronted with a “disease disaster”, we still believe that if we follow what is right from the doctors and specialists and hold our strong will,

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