Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival (Chun Wan, 春晚) in China, is the most important festival for Chinese people. During the festival, people will go back home from the cities and get together with families. One of the most important activities nowadays for families in Spring Festival is watching Chinese New Year Gala. Thus, the annual Chinese New Year gala is one hot topic that audience is interested in every year when it is close to that day. People are not only interested in the shows, but also curious about the main cast in the gala which we will talk about in this article.

CCTV Chinese New Year Gala 2020

Date: 24 Jan. 20:00

Among the galas, the most famous and popular one is CCTV Chinese New Year Gala. Its cast of this year is not officially revealed yet. However, some actors and singers appear in the rehearsals in these days as follows:

Li Xian, Zhu Yi long, Wang Yuan, Yi Yang Qian Xi, Zhang Ruo Yun, Xie Na, Qin Lan, Wu Lei, Yuan Shan Shan, Du Jiang, Huo Si Yan, Guo Tao, Peng Yu Chang, Guan Xiao Tong, Zheng Yun Long, Xu Wei Zhou, Wei Da Xun and Ju Jing Yi so on.

Till now, the cast of CCTC New Year Gala is not revealed to the public yet. The veil will be lifted maybe by the last minute. We could see some clues in another related CCTV show which is called “Close to New Year Gala”. It stands a good chance that the stars who join this show will finally give performance in CCTV New Year Gala.

Hu Nan TV New Year Gala 2020

Date: 18 Jan. 19:30

Another hot Gala is Hu Nan TV New Year Gala. A lot of popular stars join this gala on 18 January 2020: Cai Xu Kun, Liu Yu Ning, Teng Ge Er, Zhou Bi Chang, Zhang Bi Chen, Zhang Xin Cheng, Chen Xiang, Wang Su Long, Zhou Jie Qiong, Zhu Xu Dan, SNH48, Da Zhang Wei, Qian Feng.

Besides the above two galas, other main TV station in China will hold their own New Year Gala on 25 Jan. We take Beijing TV and Jiang Su TV as examples.

Beijing TV New Year Gala 2020

Date: 25 Jan. 19:30

Main cast: Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi, Zhang Guo Li, Wang Gang, Zhang Tie Lin, Feng Gong, Guo Dong Lin etc.

Jiang Su TV Chinese New Year Gala 2020

Date: 25 Jan. 19:30

Main cast of Jiang Su TV Chinese New Year Gala: Fan Cheng Cheng, Ou Yang Na Na, Liu Yu Ning, Zheng Yun Long, Zhao Lu Si, Hu Xia, Yu Ke Wei, SNH48 etc.


For the TV stations, they will invite the popular and influential stars to attract more audiences in New Year Gala. From the perspective of viewer ratings, there will be a winner finally (CCTV almost every time). But for our audience, it means we have more choices nowadays and could watch more shows of a high quality due to the competition. The most important thing is whatever we watch, we could enjoy the most wonderful moment with our loved families.


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