During the outbreak of Coronavirus, many Chinese people chose to cooperate with the government’s appeal of staying at home and trying to reduce going out. It’s a good choice to watch TV series to kill time. I’d like to recommend top 10 Chinese TV series on Dou Ban in 2019.

All is Well (都挺好)

“The lucky people use childhood to cure their whole life, the unfortunate people use their whole life to cure their childhood”. Su Mingyu is the one who uses her whole life to cure their childhood.

All is Well” rips off all the hypocrisy masks of Chinese original families and shakes out all the calculations after the fatigue and happiness of the same bed and different dreams.

It’s a pity that there are inevitably compromises and bad endings in this TV series.

In reality, we don’t have so much reconciliation and forgiveness, but rather “forget it.”.

Likewise, the original family is not your excuse for doing nothing. Everyone wants to be born in a good family, but we can’t choose our parents. You can only play as good cards as you can.

Qing Yu Nian (庆余年)

There is no publicity and preheating before the broadcast. Once it’s on air, it becomes the double champion of audience and topic.

As a weekly play, it will be searched every update day. This is the envy of many IP writers.

To achieve a balance between the original work and the adaptation, Wang Juan, the screenwriter, is indispensable.

You can think that the costume and style of Qing Yu Nian is too bad and shocking, but you can’t help liking all kinds of characters in the play: Fan Siche who loves money as much as life, Wang Qinian, a treasure boy, Lin Waner, a chicken legged girl…

Young Blood (大宋少年志)

It’s a black horse in this year’s teleplay.

Some people doubt that the score of the play is too high. They think it’s because they hired a water army.

The actors are not well-known; there is no publicity on the line in a hurry, not even hot search, so the “poor” crew has no money to hire a water army to brush points.

The anti-routine plot, good characters are created as a part of it, which make it excellent among lots of TV series. The group portrait depiction with brains, characteristics, growth, no blind love and no props is impressive.

Love And Destiny (宸汐缘)

It’s like a fairy tale version of the song of ice and fire.

Zhang Zhen tells you with his acting skills that high cold doesn’t mean facial paralysis, and age doesn’t mean greasy.

It’s not too late for the play to enter the pit of this TV series.

As netizens said, “warm reminder, just enter the pit, you will stay up late and be extremely excited. This symptom will last for several months. It varies from person to person. Take care, Friend!”

The Longest Day In Chang’an (长安十二时辰)

The crew truly restored real life and human feelings of Chang’an.

It starts from an investigation of the case of wolf guards and depicts the figures of all walks of life in Chang’an.

There are no absolute good people and no absolute bad people. All of the figures just try their best to stay in Chang’an.

Solving a case is never the focus of the play, it just wants to see how the Tang Dynasty in its heyday is going to decline gradually.

The Untamed (陈情令)

Before the start of the broadcast, thousands of people disliked it. After the broadcast, many people became “A Ling girls”, crying and laughing for Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji’s confidant feelings.

A Little Reunion (小欢喜)

  • Cast: Huang Lei/Hai Qing/Tao Hong/Wang Yan Hui/Yong Mei
  • Dou Ban Rating Score: 8.4
  • Recommendation Reason:

This series depicts a Chinese family “ukiyo painting”.

“A Little Reunion” can’t solve the real problem, and doesn’t want to give a standard answer. The purpose is to let families with the same troubles find a channel for catharsis, whether it’s happy or sad.

Every family has its own Sutra which is difficult to read, but at least when watching this series, it’s really joy.

Waiting For You In The Future (我在未来等你)

  • Cast: Li Guang Jie/Fei Qi Ming/Sun Qian/Xin Yun Lai
  • Dou Ban Rating Score: 8.6
  • Recommendation Reason:

From nostalgic golden melody to “contemporary music” to inviting Xu Huaiyu to hold a fan conference, the crew sincerely restores the growth environment of a generation.

Each episode has a theme, covering all aspects of love, friendship and family.

It’s hard to accept that you’re not a great person, but it’s a required course in life.

I was born mediocre, and that’s good. I’ll never excel, and that’s not bad.

The Making of an Ordinary Woman (俗女养成记)

  • Cast: Xie Ying Xuan/Wen Sheng Hao/Lan Wei Hua/Wu Yi Han
  • Dou Ban Rating Score: 9.1
  • Recommendation Reason:

39, no house, no car, no kids? The heroine of the play, Chen Jialing, gave the answer.

How to make an ordinary woman? This series tries to find out the reason from the childhood of Chen.

To find the self that didn’t live so well and didn’t live up to the expectation of parents.

The World Between Us (我们与恶的距离)

  • Cast: Jia Jing Wen/Wen Sheng Hao/Wu Kang Ren
  • Dou Ban Rating Score: 9.5
  • Recommendation Reason:

The story starts from a “theater murder” and connects the families of the victims, the victims and the defenders.

Instead of focusing on the murders and prisoners, we focus on those who can’t walk out of the shadow of the murders.

What is a good person and what is a bad person? Is there a standard answer?

All social problems, in the final analysis, are human problems, human nature problems.

The world is full of evil, and evil is everywhere. Maybe people themselves are part of evil.

When evil happens around us, will we choose to be silent, onlooking or violent?

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